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Pig Chaser BBQ

Ron C. Slawek is the creator of Pig Chaser BBQ Sauces which he started in 2005 after his wife told him to follow his sauce dreams! Almost 20 years later the brand is stronger than ever! Unlike other bbq sauces out on the market these are not doctored-up flavors, using other sauces to create something unique, Pig Chaser bbq sauce is great-tasting period. Pigchaser bbq sauce are family recipes created from scratch. That is a fact.

These bbq sauces go great on ribs, chicken, brisket, burgers, beef sandwiches, pork chops, seafood, as a marinade, or in a dip. Pig Chaser Pineapple/Mango can be used on Easter hams and Thanksgiving turkeys as a glaze or on cakes or desserts. Pig Chaser Bacon BBQ Sauce tastes great on baked or twice baked potatoes, chili-cheese fries, burgers, mixed in with your deviled-eggs, mixed with cream cheese for a cracker spread, or even on a turkey club sandwich. Magna bbq sauce gets hotter after you open it too.

Pigchaser got its name inn 2005 when Ron was in Tucson on business. Arriving later, Ron was hungry and thirsty so bought a burger and concentrated more on eating the burger than on missing his exit. An hour later after a few turns, his headlights caught a small animal running across the road. It was a pig! After getting to his hotel, that same little pig was trotting in the parking lot not far from where I parked.  I chased after the pig, down a hiking path into the desert. After telling my story to my new friends, my co-workers calling me "Pigchaser" and the brand was born! 

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