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Hotty Totty BBQ

Hotty Totty BBQ Crew​ a professional competition KCBS BBQ and SCA Steak Team out of Marietta, Mississippi that sells a fantastic line of BBQ products. . Hott Totty BBQ has created Hotty Totty Climax AP, Hotty Totty Bovine Delight, Hotty Totty 38 Special, Hotty Totty Rib Rub and Hot Totty Sweet Southern Shine BBQ Sauce available at BBQ Pro Shop. Hotty Totty BBQ and Steak Crew uses these products and has won many local and regional awards. Hotty Totty BBQ and the All Qued Up Team led by John Lindsey are hosts of a Facebook Live show called "Arkassippi Smoke Live" featuring the "Arkassippi Combo" and it airs on Facebook Monday nights at 7:30pm central. They provide tips and tricks for SCA competitions, KCBS and backyard smoking and grilling with special guests giving out tips as well.

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