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Butcher BBQ

Butchers BBQ are the products that were part of the BBQ Pro Shop Factory Team game for a long time and the injections in particular are ones we continue to hear people talk about. As for the rubs, the Honey Rub is terrific and a long standing part of the competition chicken game and is the one rub that seemed to get more chatter.

Butcher BBQ was started out of luck! When David Bouska was only 15 years old he was given the opportunity to work in a family owned meat market. He learned in that environment for 20 years and understood the importance of customer service and attention. David opened his own meat market and after several years started cooking in BBQ competitions. By 2007 he was making Butcher BBQ signature products for the public, with 34 years in the business and a knowledge meat allowed him to properly match spices to get perfect flavor combinations. The result is that he won several hundred State Championships and Two World BBQ Championships. David and Butcher BBQ hold true to a solid upbringing knowing that customers are the most critical part of every business. Butcher BBQ values your purchase choice and this earned them the slogan "Trust Your Butcher ''.

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