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Aces Wild BBQ

Aces Wild BBQ Concierge is the brain child of Matt Ouverson and Craig Carter. They have created BBQ rubs and seasonings to help shape an amazing flavor profile, which is breaking new ground in flavors. Matt Ouverson is the Grillmaster of the Wicked Pig Competition team out of Norwalk, IA. Matt was the 2019 Steak Cookoff Association World Points Champion, setting the record for the most points accumulated in a single season. He had a total of 6 - 1st place and 6 - 2nd place and multiple Top 10 finishes. Matt was also the 2019 Sous Chef who cooked the winning steaks for the World Food BBQ Champion Team.

Craig Carter is the mind behind these great seasonings and the Meat Lover food truck, sure to be the talk of the BBQ World.

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