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Old Arthur's BBQ

Old Arthur’s barbecue is built on a tradition that no single human being has ever put as much concentrated effort into refining these recipes, and the Watt's family is proud to share this vital piece of BBQ history for all to enjoy.  Old Arthur's recipes were first formulated over 160 years ago by their great-great-grandfather, and one of America's original Pitmasters, Arthur Watts. All of these recipes have been passed down through our family over five generations and these historical flavors continue to win praise and accolades from consumers and competition judges alike. This is an authentic barbecue sauce, first enjoyed in the late 1800's in the United States!

Arthur Watt's was born a slave in 1837 with primary responsibility from the age of 6 was tending to fires on the estate that bonded him. Arthur experimented with the freshest natural ingredients available to him to perfect his Old Arthur's Original Barbecue Sauce to complement the meats he prepared over an open pit. When Arthur was freed at age 27 by the Emancipation Proclamation, his took his recipes as the only possessions of value. Arthur left the south, settled in Illinois and began elying on the popularity and demand for his renowned sauce, and barbecue. Arthur took great pride in earning his keep with it until his death at 108 years of age.

Old Arthur’s is an authentic original barbecue sauce to the south.  This award-winning recipes of sauces, seasonings and spices were created in the 1850's and live today through the fifth generation of the Watt's family. Old Arthur’s recipes predate the US Civil War and in 2022, have won Honors making it relevant into the third century! It is an honor to offer this experience of his sauces and rubs.  The exceptionally rich and robust flavors are the result of a single original United States Pit Master’s Concentrated effort over the course of a nearly a century.

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