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Bear and Burton's The W Sauce

In 2020, in the midst of a global shutdown, two out-of-work professional fishermen with tons of time started testing and refining a 100-year-old family recipe for Worcestershire. The original recipe was handwritten and tattered, ingredients were crossed out and changed for generations. Bear And Burton's "W Sauce" was not truly created by Bear or Burton. Whomever was the evil genius behind this the W Sauce we at least know how it came to be.

Burton's mom and dad have been making this recipe which was handed down from Nana, and just the smell of it cooking in the kitchen for generations would seep into anything permeable and make the house smell delicious for months. Bear And Burton's W sauce is now in the BBQ Pro Shop and it is truly is America's Worcestershire. It's Bigger, Better, and Bolder than any sauce with that name.

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