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We are asked the question all the time, I am in “X” city, do you have a BBQ Map to the best BBQ Joint around here? Fortunately the world of BBQ is better off with Twitter’s @bbqsnob, aka Daniel Vaughn. Daniel Vaughn travels the world, and Texas, reviewing BBQ. He writes for the Texas Monthly BBQ Section and is the curator of the Texas Monthly Top 50 BBQ Joints List. We have been following him for years. Daniel Vaughn brings the fairness and objectivity of a great food critic. He is less critical and so knowledgeable that reviews and write-ups bring the insight we enjoy.

Below is a link to all the places in the USA, South America and Europe which is growing daily. The official BBQ Snob BBQ Map is below. Share it with your friends, and reference it often.He has them even listed by “Been There”, “Closed” and “On the List”. We find that this BBQ Map is a great start for your research on where to go. It really is the ultimate go to BBQ Map when I am travelling and looking to eat great BBQ.

BBQ Snob BBQ Map

Here is our process for finding BBQ Joint using the BBQ Map

  1. Find a couple of locations on the map near you.
  2. Google each of them and make sure that they are open when you want to visit.
  3. Read the reviews, we like to read the 5 stars first and if people are raving about what is important to us, good food, people that sound like they know BBQ, that is a good sign.
  4. Take a look at the negative reviews, if they are filled with reviews about service, make sure that they are reasonable and you agree with the complaints or concerns.
  5. If all checks out, map it from your location or where you are, make sure that it is within range and that you will not be driving hours out of your way, unless that is the plan!
  6. Arrive early, either before lunch or right after depending on the BBQ Joint, really good BBQ places run out of food and the earlier you arrive, the better the selection.

Hope that you enjoy this list and it helps you create a personal BBQ Map of your own!



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  1. Yelp is a great app for checking out restaurants.

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