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Whether its Cinco de Mayo or Taco Tuesday, here is a great How To Video on how to make some simple yet delicious Beef Cheeks Tacos! In this video, the Flavor Anonymous Pit Masters, Shane Draper and Dylan Lipe,  make tasty tacos with two rubs from Oakland Dust, Oakland Dust’s Chili Lime rub and the Oakland Dust’s Original Beef Rub .

To start things off, the Pit Masters trim up the Wagyu Beef Cheeks from Hassell Cattle Company into two nice flanks and coat them liberally with Oakland Dust’s Original Beef Rub to get all those savory notes soaked into the meat. Next, they layer the wagyu beef with a second coating of Oakland Dust’s Chili Lime rub for that pop of spice and smokey flavor! The hint of lime on these beef cheeks works perfectly, especially when you’re putting them in a taco! Once the beef cheeks are seasoned, the Pit Masters throw them onto their M1 Grill from M Grills and cook them hot and fast, cranking up the grill close to 400ºF.

The beef cheeks are done when they are tender to the touch and juicy. To prepare the beef, slice it thin and place them on the preheated corn tortilla. Add some chopped onions, cilantro, queso fresco, and get ready to eat. Keep the ingredients simple to be sure to let the Oakland Dust seasoning help the beef shine on its own!

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