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The Test Kitchen is back with smoked pork belly using spices from Oakland Dust and Meat Church BBQ.

After laying down an even coat of Meat Church’s Holy Voodoo rub for sweet heat and, Oakland Dust’s Chili Lime rub for a savory citrus. Smoked on the Ole Hickory Ultra Que Smoker at 300ºF for 3 hours.  As the pork belly tacks up, sprinkle more rub on to build up a  bark for added texture to the tender pork belly.

After the Pork Belly is finished cooking, add Texas Pepper Jelly’s Rib Candy Pineapple Habanero Glaze over all of it as a finishing touch.

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Triple Smoked Pork Belly with Texas Pepper Jelly's Rib Candy Pineapple Habanero Glaze
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