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Flavor Makers: Big D’s Q

Flavor Makers: Big D’s Q

Our Flavor Maker Spotlight features the incredible people behind the flavors we've grown to love. Next up are Danny Montgomery and Christy & Rodney Jones of BIG D’S Q.

The people of Big D’s Q are what makes this brand so special, and their flavors are some of our favorites. And after tasting 400+ seasonings for the BBQ PRO SHOP FACTORY TEAM FLAVOR GUIDE, Mr. Freak and I have seen a lot of flavor, so take it from us, these ones are fantastic!

We’ve had the pleasure to get to know Danny, Christy and Rodney after meeting them on the food sport trail in BBQ and steak. Theirs is a beautiful story about family, legacy and the bonds that hold them all together.  


Big D’s Q is named for Danny Montgomery, who brings over 30 years of competition cooking on some of the world’s biggest stages. But Danny will be the first to tell you that the Big D’s Q brand is about the amazing trio that includes his daughter, Christy, and son-in-law, Rodney.

For Danny, that team is his pride and joy, and you see it in all that these three cooks have accomplished.

Rodney, Christy & Danny (Big D's Q)


Danny brings a lifetime of cooking experience, starting as a young boy raised on a farm in West Tennessee. He got hooked on competition BBQ after making whole hog finals in his very first event and has since gone on to compete (and win) at the highest levels.

Christy serves as the “creative force” of Big D’s Q and carries forward her father’s love for cooking and his storytelling flair. As the creative heart of the team, she brings forth a sharp eye for detail and a love for adventure.

Rodney, the “flavor force” behind the brand, has a special gift of creating top-notch seasoning blends. These talents were the driving force behind STEAK OUT and GRILL APPEAL, two huge flavors in the STEAK COOKOFF ASSOCIATION circuit. 

 Christy & Danny (Big D's Q)   Rodney & Danny (Big D's Q)


Big D’s Q offers an impressive lineup of BBQ products, including a signature BBQ sauce and 5 unique rubs .

GAME ON - a subtle kiss of lemon with mild salt and savories adds a perfectly complementary flavor to grilled meats, from fish to fowl and even pork 

Picture of 5 BBQ rubs & 1 BBQ sauce (Big D's Q)

GRILL APPEAL - buttery, garlicky, oniony with a tinge of sweetness and a black pepper finish

STEAK OUT - full flavored and exciting so don’t limit this to only steak – we think of it as an all-purpose seasoning

G2 BBQ - a little mild and understated at first, with a warming black and chili pepper buzz that eventually appears out of nowhere

HURRICANE RIB RUB - copious sugar and honey sweetness battle for top billing while a mild front-end kick hangs out in the background


With an arsenal of incredible flavors like these – and a fabulous trio of cooks – it’s no wonder Big D's Q has created a host of INVENTIVE RECIPES.

These are more than cooking instructions, they’re a celebration of flavor and creativity. You’ll find everything from smoky meats to vibrant vegetables and more that bring a touch of culinary excellence to your table.

Deviled Eggs (Big D's Q) Stuffed Pork Loin (Big D's Q) Veggie Tart (Big D's Q)


Smoke Freaks & Christy

It’s been a pleasure getting to know Danny, Christy and Rodney over the years. We love their joyous spirit and how they’ve welcomed us into their #bbqfamily.

SEE THE ENTIRE LINE of seasonings from Big D’s Q to experience all the flavors, including our Flavor Guides for each product. 

And don’t miss their social channels on FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM to stay connected to their incredible BBQ journey.

Ms. Freak is head cook of SMOKE FREAKS, the BBQ Pro Shop Factory Team. She and her partner, Mr. Freak, are the tongues and testers behind the FACTORY TEAM FLAVOR GUIDE.

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