Oakridge Smokey Chili Lime 8oz

Smokey Chile Lime All Purpose Rub 8oz | Oakridge BBQ

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Spogos Signature Edition 1 lb bag | Oakridge BBQ

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Dominator Sweet Rib Rub 1.75 LBs | Oakridge BBQ

Smokey Chile Lime All Purpose Rub 8oz | Oakridge BBQ

Oakridge BBQ Smokey Chile Lime All Purpose Rub is the perfect way to add a kick to all of your favorite meals.This rub would best be described as bold and flavorful, hallmarks of this All Natural signature rub.

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Ms. Freak CopyMs. Freak

Oakridge Smokey Chili Lime adds pizzazz to pork and poultry. Crystalized lime juice wakes up the garlic and onion with a pop of flavor. That brightness is offset by pleasing salt, a touch of sweetness and smoky chili peppers. A delicious flavor journey that’s just a little off the beaten path.

When I first came across this Gold Edition blend from Oakridge, I was a little skeptical about the “all-purpose” credentials. Turns out they’re not kidding. We’ve used this with great success on everything from Thanksgiving turkey to Taco Tuesday.

Mr. Freak CopyMr. Freak

Smokey Chile Lime All Purpose Rub works well on fish, seafood, vegetables, beef, pork, chicken, fruit and lamb. Use it as a base rub, an accent rub, finishing dust, or fry seasoning. Perfectly salty and savory with rich smoky undertones, mild sweetness, warm background heat and a bright citrus pop from the crystallized lime juice added. Finely ground so the flavor stays put and incorporates quickly. So good, it will become your favorite go-to seasoning for just about everything.

Oakridge BBQ Smokey Chile Lime All Purpose Rub is perfectly balanced sweet/heat/savory/salty flavor profile with the bold aromas of chilies, cumin and lime in the front with the smoky sultry heat of chipotle peppers in the finish. This is a serious competition-grade rub from Oakrdige BBQ folks! 

Oakridge BBQ's Michael Trump is never happy with the commercially available BBQ rubs, and was committed to creating his own rubs from the very beginning. Because of Oakridge BBQ's perfectionist nature, this commitment to quality always includes using the finest ingredients available. The same remains true today. As a core part of the Oakrdige BBQ business model, they are committed to the giving of their time, talent and financial resources toward supporting local, national and global outreach organizations. Therefore, a full 10% of the profit made from EVERY SALE of Oakridge BBQ products will be donated to support these causes.

Ingredients: Fine flake sea salt, naturally smoked chiles (incl. Peruvian Paprika, New Mexico, & Chipotle Morita), extra fine raw cane sugar, black pepper, crystallized lime juice, garlic, onion, white pepper, other spices & maltodextrin (from corn).

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Allergens No MSG, All Natural, Gluten Free
Manufacturer Oakridge BBQ
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