Porkmafia Sweet Pink Dry Marinade

Porkmafia Sweetpink Dry Marinade System - 1 LB

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Lambert's Sweet Brine O' Mine, 14.2 oz

Porkmafia Sweetpink Dry Marinade System - 1 LB

Pork Mafia introduces Sweetpink, is a predust, injection or a soak and is the most versatile of pork rubs from #porkmafia.

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Pork Mafia introduces Sweet Pink, is a predust, injection or a soak and is the most versatile of pork rubs from #porkmafia.  Created by #porkmafia's Phil Wingo for pork, Sweetpink is ready to go as you prepare your next whole hog, pork shoulder or even a pork roast or chops! Sweet Pink contains NO MSG and is a flavor enhancer that can be used on raw or cooked foods.

Sweet Pink Instructions for Competition Barbecue

Sauces: 1 level Tablespoon of Sweet Pink per pint of sauce. Dissolve seasoning into ¼ cup of water and finish your sauce with a Sweet Pink Slurry.

Pre-Dust: Evenly coat a light dusting of Sweet Pink onto pork, chicken or beef and rest for 10 minutes. The seasoning will melt and become tacky. Then coat meat with Memphis Mud or your regular rub.

Finishing Dust: Use Sweet Pink directly onto meat 5-10 minutes before you present or box up. Lightly sprinkle on the back of ribs, chicken or brisket. Pulled pork can be tossed with sauce and Sweet Pink.

Marinade: Combine ½ Cup Sweet Pink seasoning to 1.75 Cups of cold water. Mix well until dissolved. Marinate Chicken in Vacuum sealed bag. Place ¼ Cup or up to 1/3 Cup of marinade for each pound of chicken thighs, drumsticks or breast meat. Pull vacuum and seal. Keep cold for 4-24 hours or until ready to cook. Freeze after 3 days if not used.

Injection for Pork: Combine 6 level Tablespoons of Sweet Pink to 1.5 Cups of cold water and 1/3 cup of apple juice. Mix well until dissolved. Inject 1/3 Cup for every pound of trimmed meat.


Salt, Corn Syrup Solids, Corn Starch, Dehydrated pork stock, beet powder, yeast extract, natural flavor, hydrolyzed corn protein, spice, silicon dioxide, disodium guanylate and inosinate, soybean oil, calcium stearate, paprika, citric acid. 

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Allergens No MSG
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