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Oakridge BBQ

Oakridge BBQ rubs are the highest quality and most consistent handcrafted and hand packed barbecue rubs BBQ Pro Shop has ever carried. Oakridge BBQ puts their heart and soul into every aspect of their in-house production including recipe development to sourcing high-potency spices directly from farmer grow high quality spices across the globe.

Oakridge BBQ hand-blends, batch aged, and packages each bag of rub by hand in their own production facility for unsurpassed quality, flavor and freshness. All Oakridge BBQ rubs feature ultra-high spice density, raw unrefined cane sugar and natural sea salt for a perfectly balanced flavor profile. Oakridge BBQ rubs are gluten free and contain NO MSG, artificial ingredients, preservatives, fillers or anti-caking agents.

Oakridge BBQ's unique, highest quality approach creates an artisanal BBQ spice rub with bold flavor profiles and an unmatched balance of sweet-hot, salty-savory flavor identify that surpasses many other barbecue rubs or grilling seasoning blends for sale today. Oakridge BBQ is a serious BBQ and grilling rub that has brought home countless rewards and is one of the best selling BBQ Pro Shop rubs.

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