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Smoke Freaks Sweet-Kickin’ Cherry Ribs

Smoke Freaks Sweet-Kickin’ Cherry Ribs

Below is a recipe that the Smoke Freaks, aka The BBQ Pro Shop Factory Team shared with us as a way to make a version of their award winning competition ribs. If you are looking to smoke ribs and need a great process, look no further than this recipe. We highly recommend that you use the rubs, and glazes that best suit your taste, but for this one, sweet, apple heat is what it is all about. 

Have a look at this surefire classic rib recipe, and let us know if you have any questions or if we can help in anyway, the pros are always here to help!

Ingredients and Supplies:


We typically cook ribs on our Hunsaker drum smoker with lump charcoal plus peach and pecan smokewood.  This recipe can be adapted to any style of cooker, including Weber kettles, Big Green Eggs, gas grills, electric smokers and pellet grills.

Cooking times will vary based on your equipment, but hey, you already know that.

  1. Prepare smoker or indirect-heat grill to run at 275-300F.
  2. While the pit is settling in, trim ribs, peel membrane, rinse and dry.
  3. Apply a light coat of Garlic Jalapeno Rub to both sides of the ribs.
  4. Apply a medium coat of Lambert's Sweet Rub O' Mine to both sides of the ribs.
  5. Apply a light coat of Touch of Cherry Rub on the top (meat) side of the ribs.
  6. Let seasoned ribs rest on counter for up to 30 mins before cooking.
  7. Lay ribs on the cooker grate bone-side down and smoke for 70-90 minutes or until the seasoning is set and the racks have developed a mahogany color.
  8. Remove ribs from cooker and lay each rack meat-side-up on top of a double-layer piece of foil, big enough to wrap up the entire rack in an envelope.
  9. Apply another light layer of Touch of Cherry rub to the meat side.
  10. Flip the rack over (bone side up) and shake on a little more Touch of Cherry.
  11. Add two pads of butter (about 1 TBS each) on the bone side.
  12. Fold up 3 sides of the foil, starting with the long ends and leaving one of the narrow ends open.
  13. Add 1/3 Cup Rib Candy (we love the Apple-Cherry-Habanero) mixed with 2 TBS apple juice to the open end, then finish folding the foil to make a tight envelope, seam side up.
  14. Reduce pit temp to 275F and return wrapped ribs to the cooker for another 60 minutes. (Foil seam up, meat side down.)
  15. After 60 mins, check ribs for doneness every 5 minutes until cooked to your perfect tenderness.
  16. Remove ribs from smoker, open foil packs slightly to let steam escape.
  17. Rest ribs 20 minutes before serving. 
  18. Eat and enjoy!

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