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The 2021 Essential Seasonings List

The 2021 Essential Seasonings List

It’s giveaway time! Submit your email address by November 30th, 2021 for a chance to win. The Winners will be announced on December 1st! To celebrate the release of our 200th BBQ Pro Shop Factory Team Flavor Guide, we’re giving away THREE mega-prizes consisting of 10 of the most exciting and noteworthy new rubs added to our catalog this year.

The BBQ Pro Shop Factory Team has been in the lab all year, assessing the newest rubs for our Flavor Guide -- the world’s only comprehensive flavor decoder for BBQ and grilling seasonings.

With the BBQ Pro Shop Factory Team Flavor Guide, you can easily find products with just the right level of salt, sweet, savory and heat for your tastes and get professional tips to help you discover exciting new protein pairings.

We call it our 2021 Essential Seasonings List -- the ultimate collection of killer new rubs.

Balanced Masterpieces

The 3-3-3-3 is one of our favorite Flavor Guide profiles, because it connotes an equal balance of salt, sweet, savory and heat flavors. These two rubs hit the store this summer and quickly became go-tos whenever we’re cooking on our drum smokers.

Elk Creek BBQ - Hog Knuckle Honey Chipotle Rub delivers a big wave of salt, sweet and savory all at once, followed closely by a terrific chili pepper kick

R Butts R Smokin’ - Butt Kick’n Chicken adds a smoky vibe to the classic salt, sweet and savory flavors along with a creeping chili pepper heat

Both are amazing on pork shoulder -- alone or in a 2-rub combo. Also fantastic on pork ribs and tenderloins, BBQ fattys, chicken and cedar-planked salmon.

Bestowers of Grilling Greatness

For high temp cooking, look for seasonings that register a bit lower on the Flavor Guide sweet scale. We find lower-sugar rubs are easier to work with on the grill, because they’re less likely to burn and leave a bitter taste.

Pit O Heaven - Ribeye Ranch PitGrit opens with a blast of salty garlic that hits all the right notes and never looks back

Pancho & Lefty - Texas Black SPG features “Texas black garlic” to boost the umami factor in this awesome salt-and-pepper based blend

These two blends are suitable for a variety of grilled proteins and work well as part of a multi-layer flavor strategy. (Looking at you, SCA cooks.)

Awesome APs

“All-purpose” seasonings -- aka APs -- have been around since, well, whenever someone decided to use salt and pepper at the same time. Today there are tons of great seasonings that fit the AP bill; these are two of our newest favorites.

Dead Bird BBQ - DB 180 Grill All Seasoning starts the flavor show with complex savory sensations, followed by lovely salts and a moderately spicy finish

All Qued Up - Bayou Bandit boasts cajun flavors but it’s the beefy umami that really stands out to us, deepening the already-appealing savories even more

When we say AP, we don’t just mean pork chops, chicken or beef, but also in stovetop or oven dishes like chili, casseroles, sausage gravy… the list goes on and on. Get creative!

Hot (but not too Hot) Rubs

For those that like a kick of heat, we’ve picked two seasonings that deliver awesome mouth “tingles” but stay within most people’s zone of tolerance. (You’ll feel the heat, but it won’t make ya sweat.)

Heath Riles - Hot Rub brings classic BBQ flavors and a creeping, smoldering heat that’s addictive

Mississippi Meat Mafia - Heavy Hitter Hot Rub delivers a sweeter heat profile that pairs a fantastic honey sweetness with spicy chili pepper heat

Use whenever you want to spice things up, whether you’re cooking outdoors or in the kitchen. We like to mix a hot rub into smoked queso to add both heat and complexity.

Flexible Flavor Boosters

These two flavor bombs have been trending at BBQ Pro Shop ever since their highly anticipated release dates, and they’re the perfect way to round out this collection.

Boars Night Out Midwest Dust is a full-bodied seasoning that’s rich and flavorful without being too sharp

Hotty Totty - Climax XX BAM lives up to its name, with full flavor delivery right from the first bite, along with a slight sting of heat that’s really nice

These powerful blends deliver tons of flavor, so we tend to use them in smaller amounts, usually in combination with other products. They also work great as a finishing seasoning to add a big pop of flavor.

Enter the giveaway now!

That’s our 2021 Essential Seasonings List, be sure to enter the giveaway now! So. Much. Flavor. Tell us your picks for our next list at and be sure to check out the BBQ Pro Shop Factory Team Flavor Guide for over 200 seasonings on the product pages to find your favorite flavors.

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