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Top 5 Gift Ideas for The Father Who Loves His Air Fryer

Top 5 Gift Ideas for The Father Who Loves His Air Fryer

Did the father in your life get a new Air Fryer recently? Or perhaps he is a long time fan? Here’s a round up of our favorite suggestions of products that pair perfectly as a Father’s Day Gift for anyone who owns an Air Fryer!

We suggest any combination of the following items as an excellent gift box!

  1. Pitdaddy Outfitters Chicken Dredge: From Flavor Anonymous, Pitdaddy Outfitters brings you a well seasoned flour Chicken Dredge that turns chicken into something memorable. Works perfectly in the Air Fryer with an egg wash and Dad will love the slight spice and beautiful crunch this dredge provides.
  2. Boars Night Out Spicy White Lightning: Does Dad like his chicken a bit spicier? Pair the Chicken Dredge with Spicy White Lightning, and the spiciness, delicious salt and savory garlic will make this combination a home run!
  3. Pitdaddy Outfitter’s Fish Fry or Chef Hans Cajun Style Fish Fry in Original or Spicy: Both of these products perform like magic in the Air Fryer. Perfect if dad loves catfish, halibut, cod, trout or fried shrimp, he’ll appreciate any of these tasty corn meal based fish frys.
  4. Pitdaddy Outfitters Dock of the Bay: This spice adds more complexity to Fried Seafood and is excellent on shrimp, crab cakes, fried fish and will sing in low country boils. Dress your fresh catch from a day of fishing or your score from the supermarket with this classic blend of spices.
  5. Pitdaddy Outfitters American Tradition: This works on EVERYTHING (We honestly put some in Split Pea Soup the other day - recipe coming! In addition to frittatas and flank steaks) We used it to cook up two ribeyes in the Airfryer with a healthy coat on either side and they were delicious! Works great on chicken wings before popping them in the Air Fryer. This is a very versatile rub! 

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