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Top 5 Gifts for the Grill & Steak Master

Top 5 Gifts for the Grill & Steak Master

What better way to treat your grill-master dad for Fathers’ Day than a package of well-marbled steaks and a carefree afternoon working the grill?

Now you can make sure dad’s well equipped for the occasion with one of our Father’s Day Gift Packs.

Developed by Smoke Freaks, the BBQ Pro Shop Factory Team, these gift packs cover an incredible range of flavors to ensure dad has the best arsenal of seasonings to impress friends, neighbors and the whole family.

#1 Grill It All Gift Pack

With the Grill-It-All Gift Pack, dad will be set up to impart awesome flavors to literally anything that hits the grill, from meat to fish to veggies.

MELISSA COOKSTON LUCKY 7 leads with salty flavors and onion savories, along with a vague sweetness. The parsley and other herbs impart a “fresh” vibe, making it an ideal base layer for all sorts of proteins and veggies.

CODE 3 5-0 RUB is one of those addictive seasonings you just can’t get enough of. Dad will love the well-balanced flavor profile and smoky chili peppers that add complexity while keeping the heat level in check. Great on everything, and the color this rub lays down is out of this world.

CRAIG’S CHICKEN SEASONING is all about massive flavor. Bland, boring chicken is instantly transformed with a salty wave of garlic and onion and a black pepper bite that says, “nailed it!” Also great on beef and pork.

#2 Killer Hogs Ultimate Steak Gift Pack

Make dad’s steak dreams come true with the Ultimate Steak Gift Pack, featuring three of Malcom Reed’s top products. Each one is outstanding on its own, or achieve maximum flavor with a light coat of AP, then a dose of Steak Rub and finally a shake (or more) of Hot.

KILLER HOGS A.P. SEASONING makes for a great base layer with salty and loud garlic and onion savories, tempered by an interesting creaminess.

KILLER HOGS STEAK RUB is big and bold and screams beef. Coarse salt, fresh-cracked pepper, and onions dance with a sweet undertone that makes this bold steak rub wander slightly off the beaten path.

KILLER HOGS HOT BBQ RUB opens with Southwestern-style savories that are chased by a pleasant wave of chili and black pepper heat that lingers and builds.

#3 All-American Dad Grilling Gift Pack

The All-American Dad Grilling Gift Pack features one-of-a-kind flavors from Mississippi and Texas that take rugged individualism to a whole new level. Each of these seasonings delivers an experience that lands off the beaten path, while remaining firmly rooted in Americana.

HOTTY TOTTY .38 SPECIAL SEASONING was created by Ronald Burns of the Hotty Totty professional BBQ and steak competition team. It’s a mild, all-purpose grilling seasoning that delivers a big salt and garlic hit with just a touch of sweetness.

SWINE LIFE MISSISSIPPI GRIT makes flavors come alive with a mega boost of umami and garlic, with a moderate black pepper kick. This unique and magical seasoning also packs a rich, buttery quality that runs throughout and puts it over the top.

PANCHO & LEFTY STEAK'S TSC’S TERLINGUA RUB is a simple masterpiece that starts with a salt and pepper base and delivers an unexpected sweetness that really makes this one special. This fine-grain rub is perfect all by itself as a simple flavor enhancer, or use it as a base layer with any other seasoning.

#4 Heath Riles Steak Gift Pack 

The Heath Riles Steak Gift Pack draws from this championship pitmaster’s extensive line of winning seasonings to give dad multiple paths to the perfect steak. Each of these rubs is great on its own, or they can be stacked up for an out-of this world combination.

HEATH RILES GARLIC JALAPENO wakes up the tongue with a dash of salt, savory garlic and spicy jalapeno flavor. We think dad will agree that it’s one of the most versatile seasonings around. Great as a light base coat on pretty much anything, both on and off the grill.

HEATH RILES BEEF RUB lets beefy flavors shine while adding a savory blast and a healthy kick of black and red pepper. Perfect for all cuts of beef but don’t stop there. Also awesome on pork and lamb.

HEATH RILES PECAN RUB adds a signature flavor to steak with a dash of sweetness, terrific color plus a swift kick of heat. Also terrific on other proteins, with a bold flavor that stands up to long cooks on the smoker, too.

#5 Competition Steak Gift Set

Is your dad #1? Then he’ll want to experience the winning flavors in the Competition Steak Gift Set. This winning combo is big on the Steak Cookoff Association scene, and with good reason: These seasonings work together for a mind-blowing steak experience.

JOHNNY JOSEPH STEAK RUB is a bold, salty seasoning that’s ground fine and packs a punch. Works wonders on a steak and also makes for a terrific all-purpose seasoning. Equally good on beef, hard boiled eggs and watermelon!

BOARS NIGHT OUT SPICY WHITE LIGHTNING turbocharges the flavor of anything you put it on. This one is destined to become dad’s secret weapon for the grill, because it delivers about as much flavor as seems possible to pack into a seasoning, with a swift kick of jalapeno goodness. 

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